Since 2018 

Our SOUL promise TO YOU is to give you time to honor yourself, your craft and your intentions. 

We become the stories we tell ourselves – we are our own authors. 

As Mindful Makers, we are here to encourage you to write an inspiring, open, and creative story, because we know that the universe is waiting to help you compose the most amazing narrative possible. Let your story be about nurturing your being in a myriad of supportive ways.  We believe you deserve it.  And one more thing...let's have a damn good time doing so!  

Here are our stories...  

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I never met my Nana Rose, but she had her own textile business in New Jersey in the 30’s and 40’s. Rose would hire makers to sew patterns from their homes while they watched their children. She provided these women with the opportunity to use their craft to make useful products that they could be proud of (pretty progressive lady!). I like to think it is in my blood to want to be around anything and everything handmade. It is hard for me to walk by fabric or yarn without touching it and dreaming about what it can become. As I raised my own children, there was always a ‘project’ closet in our home filled with scissors, paints, fabric scraps, glitter, glue, yarn, colored paper and the like. Nothing thrills me more than to help people explore their creative sides.

I have been very lucky to have a fulfilling career as an event planner. Often when I tell somebody what I do, the response is usually ‘you are so lucky, that sound like such a fun job’...and I agree! I love getting lost in the logistical details, and it’s a wonderful feeling to bring together all the elements with the end result being a resounding success. I’ve also been fortunate to work with so many interesting people in a variety of venues and destinations throughout the United States.

Now I am ready to merge my creative and event sides together and be part of a team that brings Mindful Makers retreats to life. Giving others the opportunity to step out of their day-to-day lives and into a setting where they are able to tap into their inner creative place of joy, is what life is about to me. Mix that in with a beautiful setting, side activities that inspire, and fun and fascinating people and you can feel the stars align. 

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When I was seven, I found a hand knit sweater in my mother’s closet.  It had three broad stripes (white, gray, blue) and seemed enormous (to my seven year old self).  That didn’t stop me from wearing it, and swishing around my mother’s knitting needles with the intention of knitting one myself.  

Thus began a journey that included learning to knit for myself in college, figuring out how to translate Japanese patterns while living there after college, coming back to knitting upon the birth of my first child, and then actually owning my own yarn store in the mid 2000s. Along the way, I also picked up embroidery, felting, quilting, and garment sewing. 

Professionally, I consider myself a jack of all trades, but the underlying thread to my varied work career has been creativity.  In addition to developing the classes and retreats for Mindful Makers, I create and lead knitting trips around the globe with Trips for Knitters.  Each trip is an adventure in color, skill and inspiration, and I count my blessings that I have a hand in this world.

While I love creating for myself and family members, a key  part of the joy is showing others how to knit/sew/make/stitch for themselves.   Connecting children, teens and adults with their inner maker—that’s the home run for me. And that’s my goal with Mindful Makers retreats and workshops—to bring experienced and beginner makers together, give them access to the tools and teachers, and watch the magic unfold.



Growing up, my brothers and I always had the best Halloween costumes you could imagine.  All dreamt up in our whimiscal little minds and brought to life by the loving hands of our mother.  From that early age, those Halloween costumes instilled a very important lesson I would later look to as mantra for my life - if you could dream it, you could create it.  

I’ve taken that thought and turned it into a career for myself as an event planner.  My work has become an outlet for my creative passion and allows me to foster experiences and memories for people to step away from their lives and connect with one another.  To tell the story of a couple getting ready to spend their lives together, to bring the mission and people behind a non-profit to life, to help a company show the world what they stand for.  Sharing stories…creating memories…interlocking all of our beautiful souls into one very special dream.  

To me, that is what Mindful Makers Retreats are all about.  Stepping away from your every day to let your dream shine.  To create your happy place.  To find new friends and connect with old ones over all of our shared passions.  A happy, magical and peaceful retreat away from it all.