it's the simplest things that bring the most pleasure.  

Way back in the day when I lived in Japan, I learned all about sashiko stitching and the related "boro" style of mending  As in, I knew what sashiko was, saw how it was used, but never ever picked up the needle for myself.  And who mended stuff in the late 80s?  Certainly not me.

But times (and I) have changed.  I'm increasingly gobsmacked at the beauty and simplicity of sashiko embroidery.  And a lot less inclined to drop a pretty penny on the latest trend in know, the ones pre-ripped and then machine mended somewhere in China.  So when my older daughter came home with new jeans purposely ripped, I got her permission to piece them back together.

This is the result:

Readers, let me tell you--THIS WAS SO ADDICTIVE!  Probably the trickiest part was shoving my hands up the legs of these super tight jeans.  I started this project with no special stitching pattern in mind, and just let the holes determine what I wanted to do.   

I had so much fun doing this, I want to spread the love!  That's why our first Mindful Makers workshop will be Sashiko Sunday--we've got the denim kits, needles, and threads.  You need your jeans (with rips or not).  We'll warm up our stitchin' fingers with a denim sampler, and then we'll have at it!  The class is appropriate for adventurous teens through adults.  Sign up here. And I'll see you on Sashiko Sunday!