Hello World!

Hi...Carrie, Nancy and Paige here!  We're so excited to embark on this journey of crafting with intention.  We started Mindful Makers Retreats and Workshops as a way to give people an outlet to express their creative sides while tapping into their mindfulness. We have found that it is possible to reach a place of sheer joy by constructing a new or altered creation with your own hands. Working on a piece is another form of meditation to us! 

From an aspiring maker like Carrie, to an always learning Nancy, and our own resident expert Paige – our workshops and retreats are geared to give those from all levels of knowledge the skills and tools to build upon our respective crafts.  

We believe by taking the time to honor your craft – you are also nurturing your inner self.  We spend our lives taking care of others.  We invite you to take a pause and take care of yourself.  Join us on the path to unlocking your inner peace and passion - - we think you deserve it, and hopefully you do too.