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Everything goes so fast in our lives and, as makers, we know the importance of pressing ’pause’ to nurture our creative sides. 

Oh, how glorious it is to tap into textures and colors and calmness. To create something from one form that ends up as another, beautiful, and most importantly…made with our own hands. All just by allowing ourselves to fill our down time with expressions of who we are. It is magical to be able to inspire ourselves and have a touchable ‘peace’ to remind us that we let our soul sing.

At Mindful Makers, we strive to create environments through our Pop Up Workshops and Retreats where you get to be you and share yourself with like-minded people with similar passions.

This is our joy, and we want it to be so for you too.

Welcome to the MindfuL MakerS WORKSHOPS AND RETREATS.



Find out who we are and how we started on this journey. 

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Ready to join us? The Mindful Makers strive to create an authentic, inviting and inspiring environment for you to focus on you and your craft. Join our community for a retreat from the day to day and leave feeling rested, inspired and with a rockin' creation!  #makersgonnamake 

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